5 Best Crib Mobile Arms (to Infuse the Baby’s Room with Peace)

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Newborns require stimulation to help them sleep. This also helps to divert their attention away from the concept of immediately wanting their moms.

You should also note that it’s critical to keep nursery safety in mind when selecting a theme, paint colors, and nursery décor for your baby.

We’ve reviewed some of the best crib mobile arms to which you can add their favorite toys to engage your child and help them fall asleep.

Let’s dive in!

Quick Glance: The Best Crib Mobile Arms

Crib Mobile ArmBest Feature
Wooden Baby Crib Arm by JOEY CO.Easy Installation
Wooden Baby Crib Arm for Nut Rotating MobilesEasy to Use
Clouds and Cactus Crib Mobile ArmBaby Shower Gift
Sasa Wooden Crib Mobile ArmExtra Security
Baby Crib Mobile Arm Attachment for Nursery DecorHigh-quality

1. Best for Easy Installation: Wooden Baby Crib Arm by JOEY CO.

You can stay confident that you are putting a solid American-made baby mobile arm in your baby’s nursery. This baby crib mobile arm was designed to be installed in seconds.

This crib is not only easy to install but is also designed to accommodate most infant cribs.

This hardwood mobile holder is constructed with your child’s safety in mind. The design is sturdy enough to be used in baby cribs.

It is also important to note that this crib arm is compatible with most cribs. Moreover, there must be bars and a flat surface to place the wooden arm!

With the felt inserted inside each clamp piece, you never have to worry about the mobile arm causing damage to your baby’s crib.

2. Best Easy to Use: Wooden Baby Crib Arm for Nut Rotating Mobiles

This crib arm is a gorgeous and natural addition to any nursery! You may relax to ensure that you are installing a durable baby mobile holder in your infant’s nursery. 

Besides, it enhances the appearance of your nursery, guaranteeing you more enormous plastic eyesores that detract from the beauty of your nursery!

The spacers on both sides protect the bed rail and help prevent skidding. Additionally, the 360° Rotation Axis allows easy maneuvering and avoids bumping.

Since the felt is fitted inside each splint, you don’t have to worry about the wooden mobile arm causing damage to your baby’s crib.

Furthermore, the Heirloom quality is easy to use, disassemble and store for future babies!

Since it is lightweight and good quality, it is simple to construct and install in your baby’s crib.

3. Best Baby Shower Gift: Clouds and Cactus Crib Mobile Arm

This crib mobile arm’s unique curved shape will complement any nursery decor. It is entirely made of beech wood and contains no plastic, providing a calm and natural calming experience.

The baby mobile arm is sturdy and secure and is compatible with any standard cot. The anti-slip silicone pads guard the crib against scratches while adding extra sturdiness. 

It also ensures a safe atmosphere free of sharp edges for your infant. When it comes to mounting, a step-by-step instruction leaflet is given.

It is effortless to attach the mobile hanger to your baby’s cot. The unit’s holder is sent completely assembled and ready to use.

It comes with an optional matching cross-design mobile holder to which you can connect your favorite do-it-yourself mobiles.

Is a family friend or relative planning a baby shower? This mobile crib arm is functional and stylish, complementing any nursery design.

You can halve the length of the baby crib arm by unscrewing its two small hinges and folding it in half to keep it in its box or passing it on to the next infant.

4. Best for Extra Security: Sasa Wooden Mobile Arm

This is a helpful, gender-neutral crib arm for securing baby mobiles to the crib. Its collection consists of curved, circular pieces inspired by nature.

There is no plastic or metal visible. I bet this crib stand would look great in any nursery. It is also an ideal present for a relative or friend’s baby shower, and it’s excellent for any do-it-yourself or custom crib mobile.

Moreover, it is an excellent nursery accessory for boho, woods, and neutral nurseries, among others. You can attach and assemble the movable base quickly, and in minutes, you can disassemble and reassemble it to take it on the road.

Its attachment clamp will attach to crib slats of practically any width. It is also designed to fit the majority of standard cribs. Moreover, you can modify the clamp’s height by raising or lowering the clamp.

With the 360-degree swivel arm, you can quickly move the baby mobile out of the way. This feature enables you to easily take or place your infant from the crib. Additionally, it enables you to conceal the mobile if the baby is overstimulated.

5. Best Quality:  Baby Crib Mobile Arm Attachment for Nursery Decor

This baby crib mobile holder is crafted from pine wood that has been sanded smooth and left natural. It is made entirely of eco-friendly, organic wood and would complement your baby’s cot set nicely.

The crib is simple to install, and no adhesive or equipment is required. You only need to insert it between the crib bars and tighten the closing disks.

Assembling this crib takes approximately 1-3 minutes. Besides, you can disassemble them for storage. 

You can freely turn and tilt the crib mobile holder’s paws when securely installed in the crib.

Since this mobile holder has hanging openings on the arm bracket, you can use it to hang a baby mobile, ball, toy, or small plush doll with strings, providing hours of entertainment for your baby.

With that said, the high-quality crib arm will infuse your baby’s room with a sense of natural peace.

Final Thoughts

Baby crib arms are great when it comes to hanging decorations in your baby’s nursery. For instance, it helps in hanging mobiles which stimulate the baby’s visual development. 

Furthermore, the mobiles play music and songs that help your kid relax and fall asleep. It also promotes language and speech development.

Therefore, getting a sturdy and durable crib arm is a wise decision. It will not only make your baby grow healthy but will also make you a happy mom.

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Shane Douglas

After my second child was born I was set on finding the perfect crib mobile to give her that laughter that melts my heart :)
So now I just want to share my discoveries with you here.

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After my second child was born I was set on finding the perfect crib mobile to give her that laughter that melts my heart :)
So now I just want to share my discoveries with you here.

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