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When your baby starts crawling and exploring, they start to want more to do. They want some stimulation and excitement, which is why they start asking for their own room. Even though it seems like you’ve moved them into their own crib… they haven’t quite graduated from being in the nursery yet. A child’s first few years are very critical for their overall development so it’s important that you have somewhere safe for them to sleep at night. If you don’t put them in a crib or buy one soon enough, they might be uncomfortable when they wake up in the middle of the night or get frustrated from not being able to explore as much as they want.
As with all things concerning your baby, take everything slowly and learn as much about what you can do to ensure that it doesn’t negatively impact your baby later on down the road. Here are some tips on what to do when your baby starts crawling and how to prepare your home and nursery for a crib:

9-month-old trying to climb out of the crib

Have you ever seen your older child trying to climb out of their crib? For most parents, this is a big no-no. But infants develop and grow differently than children do so they need different things. When the time comes, babies will start climbing out of their crib as they are able to balance and move on their own. You could tighten the mattress or take away the railings to make it harder for them. But what if your baby doesn’t want that?

What if they want to continue climbing and exploring?

There are a few options when you have an older child who wants to climb out of their crib:
1) Let them do it – There’s no harm in letting your child explore what it’s like outside of the crib. They’ll enjoy themselves and be more encouraged by the activity.
2) Get rid of a railing – Take away one or both side rails which will force them to balance on top of the mattress now instead of using it for support.
3) Keep everything exactly as is – If you’re not worried about your baby falling down, keeping everything exactly as is won’t be bad either. They may try to climb out again but they’ll be distracted by all the other things around them such as toys or other furniture they can explore with.

2-year-old climbing out of the crib at night

It’s a common sight to see your child climbing out of the crib in their bedroom when they’re supposed to be sleeping. This is usually because they’re just exploring and are still figuring out where the boundaries are. After all, babies get overwhelmed in a nursery if there isn’t enough stimulation for them. Some parents make it easy on themselves by simply placing some soft blankets in front of the doors so that their children can play while they sleep. Other parents wait until their baby is older and has slept through the night before moving them into their own room. Either way, it’s important not to panic with this behavior as long as your child is safe and sound behind closed doors at night. It takes time for babies to learn how to fall asleep by themselves so don’t worry about keeping them in bed too long!

7-month-old climbing out of the crib

When your baby is around 8-9 months old, they are able to climb out of their crib. This is a natural process that happens as they start learning to walk and use their arms, but it’s important that you don’t let them get too far. You can always put them back in the crib or keep them in an open space until they’re ready.

If you want your child to sleep comfortably, buy a two-in-one bed or bunk bed, which allows for an open space for them to be comfortable so that you can still supervise them at night. Even if you already have a toddler bed set up for your 9-month-old and a smaller bed for your 6-month-old, it might be worth buying another one to make sure that both children have enough room and feel safe during the nighttime hours.

baby climbs out of the crib and fell

Every parent worries about their children falling out of their cribs. It’s a legitimate concern. However, most children who fall out of the crib are fine and quickly recover on their own. Other times, children can be seriously injured if they do fall out of the crib.

If you find your baby is climbing up to the top of the crib, it might be time to buy a new one so they will have more success staying in while they get used to it. If your child falls and hits a hard surface like concrete or metal, then this could cause serious injury or even death.

If your child does fall out of the crib, try not to panic and just move to safety before picking them up. They might be too heavy for you to pick them up otherwise an ambulance should be called for assistance if necessary. The best thing you can do is take things slowly and learn as much as possible on how to prevent this from happening again in the future by taking advantage of any resources that are available for you at home or contacting a doctor if needed.

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After my second child was born I was set on finding the perfect crib mobile to give her that laughter that melts my heart :)
So now I just want to share my discoveries with you here.

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