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Baby’s crib is their safe haven and the last place they want to be disturbed from. If you are planning to sleep with your baby in the same room, make sure you put blankets or sheets on top of the crib for extra safety. You can use crib bumpers for additional security as well.
Even if your baby has grown out of their crib, it is important to keep them comfortable and cozy at night. You can do this by using a blanket or comforter on top of the crib instead of putting a baby into it.
An adult bed should only be used as an occasional sleeping spot until your child grows out of it. However, some parents mistake their child’s bed as an alternate sleeping space. The best way to prevent this is by not using the bed at all. After all, babies grow fast and might soon outgrow their crib or toddler bed before you know it!

how to safely use blanket in crib

One way to make sure your baby is safe in their crib at night is by placing a blanket on top of the crib. This offers extra protection and keeps your baby cozy, warm, and comfortable at night. You can use this method if you are using a bumpers with your baby’s crib too.
If you want to put a blanket on the crib without having them fall through, start by making sure that the bottom of the blanket is tucked in between two rails of the bed. Then with one hand hold up a corner of the blanket and place it over one rail while holding down with your other hand until it is completely on top. Move to the next rail, and repeat this step until all four corners are covered.
Once you have completed this process, use some tape to secure the edge where you started by taping around each corner that has been previously taped up so it looks like a triangle shape.
Inspecting for damage or wear before use
It is important to inspect any blankets or sheets before use to avoid injury from wearing or damage from wear. If there are any signs of wear or damage, discard them immediately and find new materials for your baby’s bedding instead!

can a 1 year old sleep with a blanket

Babies should never be left unsupervised with blankets until they are at least 1 year old. Even then, a blanket should only be used for comfort and not for sleep.

baby sleeping with blanket at 6 months

At 6 months old, babies can start sleeping through the night. This is an important milestone to celebrate because it means they are growing and developing more quickly than you think! As an adult, you probably have a set routine of when to get all your work done and go to sleep. But your baby might not be able to learn that at six months old. According to BabyCenter, “As babies learn how to sleep longer stretches of time without needing a break, their body needs less support from the bed” (‘Dr. Sears Answers Your Sleep Questions’).
So in order for your baby to grow and develop as quickly as possible, try taking away their crib at night so they can rest without fear of falling out of the bed or hitting their head on something during the night. If you do this gradually over the next few weeks or months till they are sleeping through the night on their own, then your little one will grow up much faster!

when can babies have blankets and pillows

The answer to this question is different for every baby, but it can be helpful to take the temperature of your baby’s playpen before you put a blanket or pillow inside.
Some babies might like pillows and blankets, while others may not. Most babies will let you know when they need a change by crying or playing with their toys. If you are still unsure, try putting your hand in the crib to see if your baby is warm enough. If they are too warm, it might be because they need more blankets or pillows.
If you have any doubts about whether or not your baby wants something particular, just ask them! A simple “do you want something?” will usually give you an idea of what they’re asking for.

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