How to Get A Tired Baby To Sleep

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It’s the middle of the night and your baby is wide awake. You’ve tried everything to get them to sleep, but nothing seems to work.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most parents have been there at one time or another. 

The good news is that there are some things you can do to help tire out a restless baby and get them to finally fall asleep. Read on for our top tips.

How do you get an overtired baby to sleep?

Getting an overtired baby to sleep can be difficult but not impossible if you know what to do.

Establishing a regular bedtime routine is key as this helps babies recognize when it’s time to wind down and get ready for sleep.

Adding gentle activities such as reading, singing or massage can be very helpful in calming your baby before their nap or bedtime. 

Also make sure your baby is comfortable and has the right temperature, clothing, and no distractions like noise or light so that they are set up for the best quality sleep.

If your baby’s become too overtired, sometimes a warm bath with lavender oil will help soothe them back into a relaxed state for better sleep.

Will an overtired baby eventually sleep?

At some point in almost every parent’s life, they will find themselves with an overtired baby who just won’t go to sleep.

It’s an extremely stressful and frustrating experience, but the truth is that when your little one gets overtired, it can make it harder for them to fall asleep. 

However, this doesn’t mean that there is no hope. With a bit of patience and persistence, your overtired baby will eventually drift off and get the restful sleep they need to feel better.

Allowing your baby to cry for a few minutes until they become more settled or trying gentle rocking motions can be calming strategies that may help them drift off and finally get some much-needed shut-eye.

Why do overtired babies fight sleep?

Babies who don’t get enough sleep during the day often fight bedtime when night rolls around, despite being exhausted.

This can be incredibly frustrating for parents, but experts say that it’s natural for an overtired baby to resist sleep.

Babies may struggle to settle down due to feeling overstimulated or because of a buildup of hormones in their bodies. 

Even if they’re pooped, they might just have not had time to process the day and decompress before trying to go to sleep – after all, their minds are still learning and growing at a rapid pace!

Of course, having a consistent sleep routine can help prevent your little one from becoming too overtired and help make everybody’s bedtime smoother.

How do I fix my baby fighting sleep?

Getting your baby to sleep can be one of the biggest challenges for new parents.

Although each child may have slightly different needs, there are a few things you can try that can help calm your little one and lull them off into dreamland.

Make sure the room is dim, as bright lights will alert their brain that it is time to stay awake and play. Provide a soft, white noise to block distracting sounds from outside or from other family members. 

A rhythmic rocking motion (in your arms or with a baby swing) may give them comforting familiarity with the womb-like movements that brought so much comfort in utero.

Some babies may also find it helpful to have an item of clothing like a onesie, cap, or even just your finger to soothe them – though this could be a short-term fix rather than a long-term solution!

How do you calm an overtired child?

Although it can be tough to calm an overtired child, there are several things that you can try.

The first suggestion is to give them a cozy place to relax such as their favorite cushion or stuffed animal and dim the lights if possible.

Then try some physical activities like rocking in a chair, giving gentle back rubs, or taking a walk outdoors if possible; this helps the child focus their energy elsewhere and may relieve their tiredness. 

Lastly, speak in a soothing voice and practice calming breathing exercises with your child;

this will help them learn the skill of self-regulation for future occasions when they might become overly tired. All in all, knowing how to address an overtired child is essential for any parent.


As you can see, there are many different strategies for helping a tired baby get to sleep.

It might take some trial and error before you find the one that works the best for your baby, but in the end, it is worth the effort. Remember to be patient and consistent with whatever routine you decide on.

We all know what it’s like to lack quality sleep and babi; babies more sleep than adults do! 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your doctor or a trusted support system of family or friends if you feel overwhelmed.

And don’t forget to show yourself some love too; self-care is essential when dealing with an exhausted little one. With luck, by following these tips, you will both be able to get a good night’s rest soon!

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