Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep While Teething

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Do you have a teething baby who just can’t seem to get a good night’s rest? You are not alone! Teething can be incredibly challenging for parents of newborns and young babies – disrupting your baby’s typical sleep schedule, as well as yours. The sleepless nights (on top of dealing with the crying) can feel never-ending, but fear not!

There are several ways to help your baby get through this tough time without sacrificing too much sleep:

  1. Create a soothing environment in your baby’s bedroom – use dark colors, dim lights, and sound machines
  2. Massage your baby’s gums gently with a soft cloth before bedtime to help reduce the pain of teething 
  3. Offer your baby cool items to chew on such as rubber rings or teething biscuits
  4. Use a wet washcloth to rub along your baby’s gumline for additional relief from teething pains
  5. Give your baby a warm bath before bedtime to help relax them 
  6. Give dry crackers or toast as snacks throughout the day to help alleviate painful tooth eruptions

Why is teething pain worse at night for babies?

Teething pain is a fact of life for every baby and in fact, can start as early as three months old. However, the discomfort may be worse at night with babies waking up more frequently than normal. This could be because, during the day, babies are distracted by all the bright colors and loud noises around them so they focus on something other than their teething pains. 

Meanwhile, there are little to no distractions at night, allowing the pain to take precedence in their minds. Another factor could be their hormones – when they get tired their body releases certain hormones that naturally reduce the pain threshold. So if they’re already feeling discomfort during the day, it would only get worse once those hormones kick in at night.

Do teething babies have trouble sleeping?

Teething babies can often have difficulty sleeping as they experience a lot of discomfort in their mouths and gums. This means the little ones can be quite fussy and restless during the night which causes them (and, in turn, their parents) to miss out on much-needed slumber. 

To help, there are some tried-and-true techniques for soothing teething babies like providing age-appropriate chew toys and using topical anesthetics or ibuprofen to relieve pain. Ultimately, understanding your baby’s discomfort during this process is key to helping both baby and parents get through sleepless nights.

Does teething cause frequent night wakings?

Many new parents are familiar with the feeling of being awakened in the middle of the night by their baby’s cries. They may blame it on teething, but is this really a cause of frequent night wakings for babies? Although teething can be uncomfortable, overall research suggests that while sometimes it can play a role in why a baby may be awake during the night, it is not usually the primary cause. 

Other factors have been identified as being more commonly linked to frequent night wakings such as physical discomfort, hunger, developmental milestones, and changes in routine.

How do you calm down a baby who is teething?

Babies can be so fussy when they are teething, and it can be hard to find a way to bring them some relief. One thing that always seemed to help in my house was a cold cloth for chomping on. Just make sure it’s something soft that you know won’t hurt their delicate gums! 

If your baby is in too much discomfort for this, try gently rubbing their gums with your finger or a clean piece of gauze. You can even get special temperature-sensitive teethers nowadays which are designed to prevent overheating. Whatever the method, some gentle reassurance (and maybe lots of cuddles) go a long way when trying to calm down a teething baby – good luck!

What is the best natural remedy for baby teething pain?

Dealing with a teething baby is no easy feat – the constant discomfort and pain can become unbearable for both parent and child. Fortunately, some natural remedies out there can provide relief without putting too much strain on your wallet or requiring a trip to the drugstore. 

One of the best natural remedies for baby teething pain is using something cold to soothe their gums. You can use anything from a clean, wet washcloth to those special freezable teethers. Because anything cold distracts them from the pain, it’s highly successful in calming down fussy babies and giving parents some well-deserved peace of mind.


To help your baby sleep while teething, try to keep their bedtime routine consistent and allow a few minutes of extra comfort if needed. Not only will this provide your baby with physical relief as they go through this uncomfortable process, but it will also help them understand that you are there for them and continue to love them despite the unpleasantness. 

Plus, exercising self-care is important too — so remember to get some rest yourself and go at your own pace. Teething likely won’t last more than a season or two so make sure to take care of both yourself and your little one during this challenging period in life! It’ll be over soon enough, and you can look back on these moments with a smile instead of regret. Good luck — sweet dreams!

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